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pdf Press Release - March 2018 FGN Bond Auction (432 downloads)
pdf Press Release-Nigeria Public Debt Stock as at December 31, 2017 (403 downloads)
pdf Nigeria Prices US$2 5 Billion Dual Tranche Eurobond: Receives An Order Book Size Of Over US$11 5 Billion (490 downloads)
pdf USD300 Million Diaspora Bond Issuance Refutal of Publication in the Punch Newspaper of February 8, 2018 (264 downloads)
pdf DMO Ready for The Next Stage of Refinancing Domestic Debt (140 downloads)
pdf FGN Released N1.2 Trillion for Capital Projects in the 2017 Budget (327 downloads)
pdf Debut Sovereign Green Bond Overscribed (49 downloads)
pdf Press Release FGN set to Issue debut Green Bond in the Domestic Market (700 downloads)
pdf DMO Redeems N198bn Treasury Bills in December (752 downloads)
pdf FGN Prices USD 3 Billion Dual-Tranche Eurobond (862 downloads)
pdf Response to Moody’s Sovereign Rating (1373 downloads)
pdf Our Strategy Will Mitigate Debt Service Risk FG (446 downloads)
pdf PRESS RELEASE: Federal Republic of Nigeria to Issue Diaspora Bond (1116 downloads)
pdf Press Release on FGN Diaspora Bond (971 downloads)
pdf Press Release on Eurobond Issuance, 2017 (711 downloads)
pdf Is Nigeria's External Debt of Investment Grade? (782 downloads)
pdf Another Reminder Requirement for Lending To All Tiers of Government (489 downloads)
pdf Good Investor, Good Citizen (469 downloads)
pdf Press Statement JP Morgan Index Exclusion Response September 2015 (378 downloads)
pdf Further Clarifications on J P Morgan Announcement on The Government Bond Index Emerging Markets (387 downloads)